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Treatment is only carried out after an extensive consultation.  ALL CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE.

The consultation may last up to about 20 minutes. The consultation may be extended for treatment if the patient agrees, in order to save the patient’s time and provide immediate treatment.

Treatment can be provided under Westfield Health funding if you are a member.

To book your free consultation, please click the link below:

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr Xu practices using the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach.  This is a holistic approach.

A treatments follow an extensive consultation which is free of charge.

The price of of the subsequent treatment will be discussed following the consultation.  Various pricing options  and payment plans will be offered and discussed to suit your needs.

Preventative Healthcare Programs

Acucare Acupuncture clinic is dedicated to your long-term healthcare, at affordable prices.  These healthcare programs, being simpler to implement than the diagnosis of more complex patient problems, are subject to a lower price than for  more specific treatments.  They can be taken after your body condition has improved

You may also like to try them if you have no present healthcare problems but simply wish to ensure you remain healthy. If they are to be used as a general well being program then a once per month treatment plan is highly recommended.  They can be  especially useful at times of high stress or when the weather is very changeable.

These healthcare programs are used to:

  • Improve your vitality

  • Give you more energy and life

  • Make you feel healthier

  • Make you more resistant outside bugs and viruses

  • Make you more resistant to sudden climatic changes

  • Generally avoid illness.  We want you to avoid illness rather than treating you when you become sick

  • Herbal Medicine Products

Herbal Medicine Usage

Dr Xu uses herbal medicine as a support to her acupuncture treatments and this will be discussed with the patient at the time.